Fantasy Horse


A Druid is born into the Northern Earth, a land of warring tribes surrounding kingdoms and large cities that have fallen under political stewardship. The Druid has an immeasurable source of power yet finds that he still needs assistance from an outside source to confront a ruthless steward whose administration bears down on the entire Northern Earth. He encounters- through use of his magic which transports him to another reality- two individuals from 1960’s England who he draws back to his time and place to confront an atrocious demon the steward has let loose on the Northern Earth.
Long ago, the Druids observed how the sun’s light broke into visible components as it approached the Northern Earth, noting its separation into a spectrum of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. They harnessed this spectrum, drawing it into their bodies to prolong life and to wield enormous power, releasing it in the form of magic to effect change on the world around them, each colour suited to a different purpose.
When a second creature, known as the King (who can render a man submissive to his will by a simple touch), attacks and very nearly fatally injures the Druid, the Englishmen are left alone in this strange, harsh world with nothing but strands of the sorcerer’s magic to defend themselves with. Somehow, they find a way to unlock the Druid’s power and destroy the demonic creature. Yet there are more enemies to encounter, summoned by the steward, not to mention the steward himself, and they find themselves torn between the monsters they must confront and their inability to restore the Druid to his former self.
The themes deal with redemption and restoration, the Druid seeking the latter, the Englishmen the former.
The Druid (recovering from his encounter with the King, yet being slowly transformed by the other’s magic in ways he cannot predict), the Englishmen, and the Druid’s friend (a ‘shapeshifter’ who can change from male to female and back yet who yearns to be fully woman) face a long journey to the steward’s home city of Brinemore, there to confront him, but they encounter a citizenry in Brinemore who have been rendered hostile by the King and turned against the travellers and the steward’s great Northern Army.
The King, in turn, is matched by a deadly assassin who works in partnership with the steward, a man who, like the King, can bend others to his will, but unlike the latter does not need the proximity of touch to achieve this. As the Druid and his party approach Brinemore, the King and the steward’s assassin must both first consider how best to remove the other as a threat

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