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Special agents Alan Ford and Dave Fallon, part of the FBI’s Investigative Support Division (ISU), tasked to profile violent criminals still at large, are hunting a new breed of serial offender. This one has changed his normally fixed ‘signature’ behaviour in his apprehension and murder of young female victims in an effort to mislead the police. His deeds previously confined to the hunting grounds of Western Europe, he has crossed the Atlantic to roam New York State and the capital itself, provoked by the criticism of a famous Nobel Laureate who has assisted the ISU in the past, yet used his celebrity status to hammer their efforts in the media.
ISU division staff reveal logical patterns and matrices of conduct that might offer clues as to the offender’s next move. Combining this knowledge with the formidable intellect of the Nobel Prize winner Robert Tyrell, agents Fallon and Ford gather clues and hunt down leads that take them to the outback of New York’s Adirondacks, Bangkok, Thailand and New York City.
However, the killer’s mysterious pathology, Tyrell’s obstructing ambition, Ford and Fallon’s jockeying for control of the case and their positions within the competitive ISU, each serve to assist the killer in his quest to out-think the authorities and continue his murderous rampage.

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