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There is a new world out there, designed by a group of spirits known as the Oversouls. They wish to populate this world with people who have advanced sufficiently in awareness to see and understand the invisible systems of Spirit that surround the Earth and its physical universe. These systems are manifold, ranging from the grotesquely bizarre to the heavenly sublime.
Some among those advanced souls wish to conquer the new world, bringing with them a set of skewed values and the kind of abhorrent behaviour that would seek to enslave and torture its new inhabitants. Their leader is persuasive and dangerously powerful, and has already set his plans in motion.
The fate of this world rests in the hands of one individual, a young man on Earth who was born autistic, an outsider who must battle forces both within him and without in order to confront those who stand against the Oversouls.

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The central message of these stories is that spirituality is all encompassing: bleak, menacing, joyful, thrilling, captivating and usually a good deal of fun. There is the occasional streak of dark humour, and an assortment of disturbing characters, though creativity- of expression, of being- reigns over pathos, telling us that, in the world of spirit, anything can and probably will happen.

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