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Gregor Peter Handel, renowned author, businessman, and patron of the arts is dying. His businesses, with controlling interests and investments in thousands of corporations worldwide, have been taken over by an undesirable element from his stable of proteges. Meanwhile, his search for a suitable candidate to succeed him and continue his involvement in what has become his life's work has been threatened by this element, Simon Jones, an individual more ruthless and dangerously powerful than any who came before him. Yet Gregor's candidate, Chris Adams, might still prove a match for him, should he tilt opportunity in his favor. To complicate matters, Chris falls for Jones' daughter and enters into a relationship with her. She ultimately drops him, for reasons that have to do with her father. Now Chris is as invested in Jones' downfall as Gregor Handel, yet there is a price to be paid should they be successful as each must enter a moral dead zone where more than Handel's businesses is at stake.

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January 20, 2023

Genre: Contemporary General Fiction. 
James Peart is extremely proud and excited to share his work, Handel. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.
Gregor Handel is an Austro-Hungarian philanthropist, patron of the arts, and an extraordinary mind in the field of literature. Having produced a book many years ago that sold in the hundreds of millions, filled with his unique insights into the limits of human endeavour, he shook Western culture to its foundations. Now armed with a significant financial war chest, he takes on the best of corporate Britain and America as he acquires a string of recording companies, publishers and international art galleries in London, New York and Los Angeles. From this position of strength, he can better control the commercial lives of new artists, steering them to the dizzy heights of creative stardom. Many people in the fields of music, art and finance have challenged his status, yet none possessed the divergent intelligence, energy, or creative manoeuvrability necessary to accomplish this. Only Alan Jones, an English accountant and one of his protégés, possesses the brains and imagination to do it. However, in order to achieve his immodest ambitions, he must first discover the reasons behind Handel’s success, opening a chest of dark treasures, secrets containing the power of ancient talismans that are deadly to the touch, and will irrevocably alter the life of he who does so.

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