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I am a writer based in County Kildare, Ireland, an extraordinary setting and in my view a wonderful backdrop for a writer.  I write novels across a range of genres and subjects in order to explore the human condition in all of its variety.  I believe our lives are essentially an exercise in restriction, with each one of us revealing different degrees of this restriction.  Some of us are born healthier, prettier, more intelligent, driven, socially more adept, or more astute in the transaction of our daily business.  Some of these traits can be learned, perhaps honed to a fine degree, while others are fixed from birth.  What defines us as people is how we respond to these limitations, making us, for example, happy, resigned, persistent, thoughtful, caring, or regretful.  It is our interactions with others, as we seek to influence people or events around us, that not only determines these states of being, yet makes us endlessly entertaining for me a writer.

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Fantasy is one of my favourite genres as it disguises reality for the reader, putting real life in a context that you don't immediately recognise.  You must then draw back layers of this disguise, slowly, revealing aspects of the story as it develops toward an exciting or dramatic conclusion.  I liken it to a fancy dress gala, where the invited must guess who each other is and who they are supposed to be.  Fantasy builds a new world whose viewers recognise each other but in a different light, adding extra dimensions to their characters.

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“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka

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