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Behind the Novelist

Hi, I'm James!

Whether you have arrived at my site by accident or design, welcome to my blog!

Here you will come across reviews, features, and articles filled with my opinions, views, and thoughts, as well as exciting and engaging content to capture your hearts and minds!

As you will see, I don't confine myself to writing one category of books but have created a range of different genres to satiate a diversity of tastes.

In the General Fiction section, you can explore the behaviour of the renowned philanthropist Gregor Handel and his stable of proteges.  Or browse the Spiritual Fantasy realm and traverse the world of Spirit, experiencing characters and events that range from the sublime to the horrific.  If you are a dedicated crime fan, in the novel Immael, you may read the exploits of those in authority as they track and attempt to apprehend a serial killer who changes his pattern of behaviour to keep one step ahead of those tasked to bring him to justice.  If you like Urban Comedy, you can follow the odyssey of one Julian Gore De Vere as he tries to deal with his wayward Anglo-Irish friends and cope with the backward wayfaring relationship he has with his partner, the redoubtable Jaeger Bomb Queen.

There is a universe of stories to explore.  To follow them, simply click on Order Books Now at the top of my home page, or follow my Blog and read a summary of my new releases, features, time-release insights into my stories, or articles on the process of writing.


James Peart.



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